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Retailer Discounts
Retailers get special discounts on new solar, wind and other eco supplies and equipment.
Work Distribution
We will send you quality installation and repair jobs in your area. Note: PRO listings have priority work distribution, meaning that if you share the same area, a PRO lister will receive the work order first.
Search Engines
Basic Search Engine Optimization for your listing will allow search engines to find you and increase traffic to your listing. Just another way to increase sales!


What is the InstallEco Network?

The Install Eco Network is a national network that allows consumers to locate solar panel and wind turbine dealers, eco installation, repair and eco renovations companies near them. Since the InstallEco Network only publishes reputable companies, our visitors feel safe contacting the companies that they find. Through its aggressive search engine ranking program and other online marketing techniques, we offer you the ability to target the area you wish to serve and then receive actual sales and installation/service jobs in that area.

Who needs this service and why?

Professionals who sell solar and wind power, install or repair eco energy systems want more business that is in their area of business. Less time and gas spent travelling to jobs equals more money for them. The professionals listed in the InstallEco Network experience these benefits.

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Display your address, phone number, fax, email, website, toll-free number (if applicable), and map.
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Upload your company logo. Option to upload a thumbnail version of your logo to appear in search results.
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Send us a YouTube, Google Video, or Vimeo video and we will feature it in your listing (currently free of charge!).
Google Maps
Automatic Google Maps submission and monitoring for the duration of your listing.


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What will it help professionals do that they can't do today?

The Install Eco Network provides solar, wind and eco professionals with a powerful listing that acquires sales and leads from search engines like Google, Yahoo, AOL and Bing. We Like, Share and Follow your  This marketing base saves you hundreds of dollars in monthly marketing and time spent researching marketing strategies. In addition, the InstallECO Network is run by a team of seasoned professionals who understand your needs as a business owner in a rapidly growing industry.

I still have questions.

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